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Master Distiller Helmut Wilderer, the father of South African craft spirits, personally hand selected 27 indigenous botanicals of which many belong to the Cape Fynbos Floral Kingdom. Flowers, berries, barks, peels, roots, stems and leaves ranging from rose petals to Renosterbos all come together in harmony.


Fresh ingredients and flowers are hand-picked from the estate’s gardens, while specialized Fynbos species and other herbs are sustainably harvested and include: the famous Buchu Betulina, which has been used as a traditional South African medicine for hundreds of years and provides a distinctive herbal aroma and taste. Wild Dagga's active ingredient: leonurine has been proven to improve myocardial function and is also used as a recreational remedy for high blood pressure and stress. Honeybush provides further depth and complex flavour to this full-bodied gin.

Small batches of 40 liters at a time.

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